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Music Is In Our Hearts

I am a bit of a sucker for Musical Theatre. I grew up watching the likes of Annie and the Sound of Music, Grease ect… The most moving musical I have seen of late is The Greatest Showman. I could write an essay on it. I wanted to be in musical theatre but I didn’t […]

Tea Tree Oil

The health benefits of tea tree oil shampoo are well known to us now, but many people still tend to prefer using conventional products instead. I think this is largely due to our consumer culture and our inability to trust homeopathic techniques or remedies because we’ve been blasted with pharmaceutical adverts and product campaigns almost […]

Joico Purple Shampoo

Start your engines, blondies! Okay, here’s a confession. I have always been envious of blondes. It is an irrational envy, but I am a woman, so the gods of reason will have to forgive me. I had done it. I finally dyed my hair blonde. I did it at a professional place at first, and […]

Purple Shampoo Is The Best

Enjoy the read: Something to consider, being a blonde is hard work. I mean, people look at you and immediately assume that I’m not the brightest bulb in the box. Do you know what it feels like for people to form opinions based on your appearance alone? I mean, I guess if you’re black or […]

Grammarly Is The Way To Go

A lot of people write for a living, I myself should know, as I myself do in fact write in order to earn my bread. But when you write for profit, you run into problems that to most normal people (normal as in they don’t write for a living, I guess that might have been […]

Apricot Oil for Skin

Growing up I was aware of two types of oils, canola and olive. They were the two that could be found in my mother’s kitchen on any given day of the week. When I finally began cooking on my own I realized there was a whole world of oils I was unaware of. From coconut […]

Benefits of Ylang Ylang

By now we have all heard of essential oils. When I hear that word I think of lavender and peppermint and my hippy Grandma. I was pretty sure there was only a handful of these oils but I soon realized I was totally wrong. There is a whole world out there with different plants, fruits […]

Is Higher Education Necessary?

Higher Education Is More Necessary Today Than Ever Before! In today’s challenging political and economic climate, many people are questioning whether or not it is important to have a higher education – and deals extensively with this subject of education.  The fact that a college or university degree seems to be out of reach […]

All About Taking SAT From Abroad

The SAT college admission exam is something that students in the United States take in order to, well, enter college in the country. But did you know that SAT exams are also something that you can take from abroad? As a matter of fact, last year there were over 175 nations from which students could […]

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