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Tea Tree Oil

The health benefits of tea tree oil shampoo are well known to us now, but many people still tend to prefer using conventional products instead. I think this is largely due to our consumer culture and our inability to trust homeopathic techniques or remedies because we’ve been blasted with pharmaceutical adverts and product campaigns almost […]

Apricot Oil for Skin

Growing up I was aware of two types of oils, canola and olive. They were the two that could be found in my mother’s kitchen on any given day of the week. When I finally began cooking on my own I realized there was a whole world of oils I was unaware of. From coconut […]

Benefits of Ylang Ylang

By now we have all heard of essential oils. When I hear that word I think of lavender and peppermint and my hippy Grandma. I was pretty sure there was only a handful of these oils but I soon realized I was totally wrong. There is a whole world out there with different plants, fruits […]

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