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joicoStart your engines, blondies!

Okay, here’s a confession. I have always been envious of blondes. It is an irrational envy, but I am a woman, so the gods of reason will have to forgive me.

I had done it. I finally dyed my hair blonde. I did it at a professional place at first, and over time I learned how to do it on my own, which company and which color were right for me, and when and how to get it done in such a way that will help me achieve the looks I wanted. I have had many hairstyles over the years, and I feel that the plain straw-blonde look is one of the best I have worn.

So, okay, you get the dye job professionally or at home. Then what? Do you just wait out the clock, or is there a way for the color in your hair to endure and prosper? I mean, every dye job has an expiration date stamped on it, the question is when? With the proper hair care regimen, you can add valuable weeks or months to your dye job!

One such tactic is using purple shampoo. Whether you are a natural blonde or a dyed one, the formula of the purple shampoo will be able to provide you and your hair with sustenance and nourishment. It does this by cancel out any other tones or colors which may be creeping up. This could be due to time which has passed, or other hair care products which are less friendly to dye job, or simply because of your environment or the weather. There could be a number of reasons, and purple (or violet) shampoo is one way to get your colors back.

The Joico Color Endure Violet shampoo was reviewed by the guys over at Maple Holistics, and what they said there was pretty spot on. You don’t use this shampoo on a daily. Big no no. You use it as a preventive measure every few weeks, or as a reactive one when harsher yellow (brassy) tones begin to make their appearance in your do.

Purple dye balances out any yellow or orange colors which are in your hair, which is why this is a purple shampoo 14shampoo that should only be used every now and then, and not be incorporated into your usual weekly hair care routine. You need to know what, when, and where, and take into account the fact that if it is a dye job, all of the shampoo is the universe won’t be able to keep that next hair dying appointment away, whether it is in a salon or your bathroom. That is, if you want to dye it. Some accept those brassy tones, and they roll with it. I had such a time envying Blondies, that when I got my dye job I decided to not let it be taken over. It took me a while to find the formula which fits me, and I am happy I did.

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