Purple Shampoo Is The Best


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Something to consider, being a blonde is hard work. I mean, people look at you and immediately assume that I’m not the brightest bulb in the box. Do you know what it feels like for people to form opinions based on your appearance alone? I mean, I guess if you’re black or Hispanic you might know exactly what I’m talking about, so I guess there are some people out there who know how I feel, and I’m sure that they’d agree that it is nothing short of unpleasant. It is not fun to be singled out because of the color of your anything, and it’s ridiculous whether it’s your hair or your skin. The amount of melanin in either of them doesn’t increase or decrease your worth no matter what people say.

But it’s more than just some random jerks who are mean, it’s actually a lot of work to be blonde, especially consider how weak blonde hair is naturally. So it requires quite a bit of upkeep, that most brunettes don’t even think about. Especially considering how easy it is to accidentally end up bleaching your blonde hair, what with the very little melanin there is in the hair to begin with. But that’s not all, although you know what, that’s what I’ll talk about today. Especially considering we’re edging up on the end of summer, and you’re going to have to counteract the damage the sun has already done.

So what does a blonde do with bleached hair? And I’m not talking about a little lightening, I’m talking about when you’ve lost almost all your color. And this is well after the time where wearing a hat would have helped, something proactive needs to be done. The answer to this is dyeing the hair back to the color it should be. Although that’s only when the hair has been completely bleached, when the damage is still not irreversible. When you’re faced with brassy hair because of the sun, what you gotta do is use purple shampoo. Purple shampoo is just that, a purple colored shampoo. It counteracts all the damage from the sun, and brings back all the good ashy tones that you want in your hair. It’s so simple that you’d really expect it to be obvious, and I bet the person who first came up with purple shampoo is laughing all the way to the bank, but in a good way.grayhair3

So then, we got purple shampoo down pat. We understand its uses and we understand how it does what it does, so then what’s there left to talk about. Obviously which purple shampoo to use. Joicio Purple Shampoo reviewed on Maple Holistics is definitely the best out there. Price wise: Joicio Purple Shampoo is the best. Quality wise: Joicio Purple Shampoo is the best. Best for the environment: Joicio Purple Shampoo takes it once more. Joicio Purple Shampoo is just the best purple shampoo out there, and that’s a fact. If you’re looking for a purple shampoo, Joicio Purple Shampoo is the way to go.


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