Apricot Oil for Skin

apricotGrowing up I was aware of two types of oils, canola and olive. They were the two that could be found in my mother’s kitchen on any given day of the week. When I finally began cooking on my own I realized there was a whole world of oils I was unaware of. From coconut oil to Ylang Ylang oil they all have their own unique qualities that set them apart. Most of them have a dual purpose as well. They can be used for cooking as well as on the skin. One of my favorite oils to use is Apricot oil. This is my benefits of apricot oil piece.

Apricot oil is produced by squeezing the kernels or pits of apricots. The oil itself is odorless and the oil is extremely versatile. It is considered a carrier oil as opposed to an essential oil and is usually produced in large quantities. There are many companies making this quality oil, one of the best I have found is produced by Maple Holistics.  Some versions of this oil are produced for cooking as well. There are some studies that show that apricot oil can lower bad cholesterol and help with cardiovascular health.

This oil is very popular with masseuses and massage therapists. It is an amazing carrier oil that is very thin which mean that it can penetrate the skin easily and not make your skin feel oily. This is a great thing because you not only moisturize your skin but it won’t leave that gross oily residue. The oil has a similar lipid count to our skin. When our skin becomes dry and irritated it is because the skin is being depleted of its lipids. The apricot oil works to replenish the skin returning it to its previous healthy moisture level.apricot oil

Like I said it is very popular for massages and works great when combined with the essential oil of your choice. My personal favorite is apricot oil mixed with lavender oil. The two work in harmony to put my clients in a state of pure relaxation. For those clients that are looking for a rejuvenating pick me up I’ll add a eucalyptus or peppermint oil. These two essential oils have an ability to boost energy and mood and get you focused for whatever task you may encounter throughout the day.

The benefits don’t end there, apricot oil can be used straight in your hair as a moisture sealant. Add a couple of drops to your hands and rub it in your hair for all day moisturizing protection. Some people use olive oil for this reason but the almost odorless quality of apricot oil makes it a better choice in my opinion. Apricot oil is also a lot for affordable than olive oil.

We’ve talked extensively about how apricot oil can be used for massages but even if you aren’t getting a massage the oil makes a great moisturizer. This due to its thin nature. You may be thinking why add more oil to your skin but the truth is when it is a healthy clean oil like apricot it can do wonders to keep your skin moisturized and looking its best. Take a look at the extraction process in action, very cool stuff!

This are just a few of the many benefits of apricot oil. Go out and buy yourself and bottle. Experiment with its different uses and find out how apricot oil can improve your life. That’s what I did and I’ve never looked back!



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