Tea Tree Oil

tea tree oil 3 The health benefits of tea tree oil shampoo are well known to us now, but many people still tend to prefer using conventional products instead. I think this is largely due to our consumer culture and our inability to trust homeopathic techniques or remedies because we’ve been blasted with pharmaceutical adverts and product campaigns almost every minute of everyday.

However, more and more people have started to realize what’s actually contained in many of the products that they buy on a regular basis and this has caused a movement away from conventional products and revived the need or want for products that are closer to their natural form or rather, contain ingredients that are less processed and also closer to their natural form. Tea tree oil was originally used by the aboriginal peoples of Australia and was often brewed in a tea form in order to maximise the healing benefits of the natural alcohols and chemical compounds that were found in the plant. A sailor named Captain Cook took the plant back to England around 1770 and since then the rest was history.

Towards the end of the 19th century, a chemist named Arthur Penfold came across a lumberjack who had suffered a serious injury to the hand. In those days, the chances of recovery were often slim, as people didn’t always treat their wounds properly and ultimately wound up dying from the subsequent infections that followed. Penfold realized that the lumberjack had been using tea tree oil to help prevent his wounds from becoming infected and to his surprise – it actually helped the wound recover completely and much faster than Penfold had ever seen before. He realized that the oil must have contained a vast array of chemical compounds and natural alcohols (hence it’s sharp and distinctive scent/taste).

Inspired by this new discovery, Penfold decided to use steam distillation techniques to help distill and create a more concentrated form of the natural oils contained in the tree – which we now know as tea tree oil. At the time, tea tree oil was such an effective antibacterial treatment, that it soon replaced the current popular antiseptic treatment at the time, namely carbolic acid. This meant that the product soon found success in a variety of different industries and largely seemed to take hold in the personal Tea tree Oilcare and household cleansing product categories. Since the inclusion of tea tree oil in personal products, tea tree oil shampoo has become one of the most popular natural cleansing products and can really work wonders on your hair and scalp.

By actively trapping and flushing out free radicals, the oil helps to slow the signs of aging and can help to strengthen the quality of your hair. Tea tree oil shampoo is also great for your health as it doesn’t dor any harm to your hormone balance or your infect your bloodstream like phthalates, sulfates or parabens do. Tea tree oil shampoo is closer to the natural acid mantle layer on our hair and scalps, making it more mild on your hair and scalp – whilst still being an effective means of keeping hair clean, soft and stronger for longer.

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